Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Keenan!

It's hard to believe it, but yesterday we celebrated Keenan's 4th birthday! He's such a joy to have in our family and everyday I'm grateful for the kind-hearted little boy he is. The time is going by so quickly, but it's really fun to watch him grow and develop over the years.

I had a cold and was feeling kind of crappy so I let Keenan decorate his own cake this year. It was really cute and he had fun. I think I'll actually give the boys the option to decorate their own cakes from now on. Keenan decided to draw Optimus Prime from the Transformers. So funny. He was so proud of his cake. And he should be. . . don't you think?

We had his party at Pizza Hut and despite some lack of preparedness and efficiency on their part, it was a really fun night. There were lots of friends and family to share Keenan's special night with him.

My dad and step-mom came; along with my step-sister, Kirsten; her husband, Adrian; and their son, Dominiq.

Tyrel's family also made the trip to celebrate with Keenan, including Dianne, Ralph, Erin, Taylor, Sage, and Tylee (and of course their baby brother who hitched a ride in Erin's belly.) ;)

There were also many of my close friends whose children have become friends with my boys. They included Aubrey Nebeker (no relation. Just a weird coincidence) and her girls, Zoe and Ruby; and TJ Faddis and her daughter, Shelby, and son, Casey. It was really nice to have everyone there.
Keenan said he had a really good birthday and I had fun sharing this special night with so many friends and family. We were only sad not to be able to spend the night with Tyrel, but we know how much he wanted to be there and he left a very cute video message for Keenan on his facebook page wishing him a happy birthday.
Happy Birthday my big 4-year old!


Knight Family said...

Happy birthday Keenan!! Can't believe you are 4!

Misty said...

Looks like a fun party and I LOVE the cake! Happy Birthday, Keenan! Love "Aunt Misty"! ;)

Gramma Spot10 said...

It was great to spend Keenan's birthday with the family. Thanks. What a cute little boy! We love you.

Shane, Lisa, and kids said...

sounds like he had a great birthday. Happy B-Day Keenan!